Meetup 2020

Music: "Disco 2000" by Pulp / © Jarvis Cocker, Nick Banks, Steve Mackey, Russell Senior, Candida Doyle and Mark Webber

August 22, 2020, was my 42nd birthday. Now, I like big, noisy, chaotic parties, with lots of people and lots of music… the idea of choosing a handful of people to enjoy a socially distant celebration sounds about as much fun as dental surgery. So instead of partying, I spent the day locked in my studio and made this. The Zoom format was kinda fun to put together, even if I had the inevitable comments online that the number of participants is incorrect and the UI shows that video is disabled. What can I say, I’m more about the vision than the detail.


Oh we were all looking for things to inspire us,
When it was all shut down by coronavirus,
Now we’re in lockdown, And nobody is coming round,

We’ve taken all the regulations to heart,
We got to stay at least a metre apart,
Wear a mask, wash your hands, say goodbye to all your plans.

But do you recall
The jet lag and long haul
The world felt very small,
But now it’s all slowed to a crawl
You know I really miss you all…

Let’s all meet up in two thousand twenty,
Turn on your webcam and your microphone,
We can still get together, even though we’re home alone,
Let’s all pretend that this isn’t weird,
Certainly better than drinking on our own,
You might lose inhibitions but
you won’t lose your phone.

I’m trying to keep up with the news,
But all the guidance leaves me scared and confused,
I’ve got the melancholy corona blues,
And I’ve forgotten how to put on my shoes,

Remember when I said I wanted a break,
That all the travel might have been a mistake,
Well now we’re all grounded, it’s not as much fun as it sounded,

What are you going to do on Monday,
Same thing as Saturday and Sunday,
Everything blurs into one day,