Various open-source software projects I've created over the years - some genuinely useful, some just stuff I've put together for fun.

The 'Rockstar' Programming Language

I'm the creator of Rockstar, an esoteric programming language designed to allow you to write valid programs that are also song lyrics. you name the stack, we choose the tech

Just for fun, you understand.

Callisto: A Playlist Creator for Spotify

A web app I built that uses the Spotify API to create playlists by pasting lists of songs, or importing a set list from

Reflexif: Parsing EXIF metadata with C# and System.Drawing

A .NET application that demonstrates HTML5 drag'n'drop file upload, instant image thumbnail display, working with EXIF metadata using System.Drawing, and watermarking images with copyright information based on embedded EXIF metadata.


A module I created for capturing runtime errors from classic ASP and passing them to ELMAH - invaluable if you're still running some classic ASP code alongside your .NET stuff and want to consolidate your errors in one place for easier reporting.