Music: "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC / © Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Bon Scott

“Highway to Hell” is one of those instantly recognisable riffs that you can play on any stage, anywhere in the world, and the audience goes absolutely crazy. It’s a wonderfully elegant, simple song, with a timeless old-school charm to it; if it was a technology, it would absolutely be static HTML.


That kind of thing.


W3C, RFC, a JIRA ticket and a style guide.
I deploy with FTP, run it all on the client side
Don’t need Ruby, don’t need Rails,
Ain’t nothing running on my stack
I’m hard wired, for web scale,
Yeah, I’m gonna bring the 90s back

I’m shipping HTML,
I’m shipping HTML,

No logins, no trackers,
No cookie banners to ignore
I ain’t afraid of, no hackers
Just the occasional 404
They hatin’, what I do,
But that’s ‘cos they don’t understand
Mark it up, break it down,
Remember to escape your ampersands…

I’m shipping HTML,
I’m shipping HTML,

(But it’s really just markdown.)