I do interesting things with computers, code, comedy, music and video, then I travel all over the world and tell people about it. I run Ursatile, a fully online training company for remote workers and software professionals. I'm a keynote speaker, I'm a Microsoft MVP, I created Rockstar, an esoteric programming language which started as a joke and ended up in Classic Rock magazine, and I own the best web address in the history of the internet.

Studio headshot of Dylan Beattie in front of a yellow background.

About Me

Who I am and what I do, plus speaker bios and photographs to use if you'd like details for your event website.


I speak at technology conferences, meetups and community events all over the world.


Tech things I've done, including the Rockstar programming language.

Musical Parodies

I write and perform musical parodies of classic songs. You'll find some of them here.