Music: "Y M C A" by The Village People / © Jacques Morali & Victor Willis / Sony / ATV Music Publishing Ltd.

I probably had the idea for this one about ten seconds after I first heard of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. A little nostagia trip for everyone who remembers alt.binaries, Napster, Limewire, Kazaa, AudioGalaxy… ah, good times.


Young man, there’s no need to feel down,
I said, young man, you’ve been browsing around,
I said, young man, what’s that website you’ve found,
With those hi-def movie downloads,

Young man, look at all of those files,
I said, young man, you’ll be here for a while,
You can download, anything you desire,
Till your router catches fire,


You’re violating the D M C A , violating the D M C A,
They got everything, you can find it online, you can download it any time
By violating the D M C A, violating the D M C A,
All the new DVDs, special interest movies, even Taylor Swift MP3s,

Young man, well you couldn’t resist,
I said young man, now your name’s on a list,
I said, young man, got your cease and desist,
But you got to know this one thing,

No man, ever serves any time,
I said young man, maybe you’ll pay a fine,
And tomorrow, you will be back online,
You’ll be downloading day and night,


Young man, back when I was your age,
It was usenet, not a link on a page,
alt dot binaries, it was where we could go,
If we wanted things to download,

Napster, came along with a splash,
Record labels, scared of losing their cash,
Got it shut down, by the D M C A,
So we moved to the Pirate Bay