Holidays in the Holodeck

I’m throwing a party! It’s been a bit of a rough year and with the new lockdown restrictions that have just kicked in across London and parts of the UK, Christmas is basically cancelled for a lot of folks… so on Sunday 27th December, I’m going to stream a live show on the internet, including loads of my parody songs, some PubConf-style comedy lightning talks, a couple of musical surprises, and almost certainly a feline cameo or two from Lionel.

It's at Sunday December 27th, at 19:00 UTC. I'll be streaming for around 2 hours, then we'll have drinks on Zoom.

Want to add it to your Google calendar? Here you go:

There's also a Facebook event for it if that's your thing, or if you want an ICS file, you can find one here

It would be lovely to see you there. Well, I won’t see you, obviously, ‘cos that’s not how streaming works. But you’ll see me, and if you put a comment in the chat, I’ll know you’re out there, and that would make me (and Lionel) very happy.