Speaking and Playing at GOTO Oslo 2020

You’ve all heard the phrase ‘real developers ship’ – but have you ever been on a real developers’ ship? I’m really excited to be speaking at GOTO Oslo 2020 – the conference that’s taking place on a ship! We’ll kick off on board the MS Crown Seaways in Copenhagen on Tuesday morning. At 4pm, there’s a break in the schedule while we set sail for Oslo. We arrive in Oslo on Wednesday morning, for another full day of conference sessions and masterclasses - and at 4pm we set sail back to Copenhagen. I’ll be presenting The Art of Code on Wednesday evening, and then joining The Linebreakers on stage for a live set of classic rock tunes with a software twist.

Early bird tickets are on sale until February 1st from https://goto-oslo.com/2020/registrations - it should be a really great event and I’d love to see you there.