Upcoming Conferences and User Group Talks

I’m appearing at some conferences and user groups in October and November, talking about ReST, the history of the web, and how we can apply the scientific method to software development. Though not all at the same time.

October 19th I'll be speaking at FullStack Bytes at SkillsMatter here in London - one of a series of monthly events around the same themes and ideas as the annual FullStack conference - "JavaScript, NodeJS and the Internet of Things". On October 25th I’m heading up to Telford to give my Real World REST talk at the Shropshire Devs User Group.

November 5th, I’m one of the keynote speakers at Tampere Goes Agile, a free one-day conference in Tampere, Finland all about agile software development. The theme of the conference this year is ‘experimentation’, and I’ll be talking about the scientific method, the history of experimentation and how we can apply scientific principles to our own software projects and agile processes. It’ll be my first time visiting Finland – new country, new conference, and a new topic – and I’m looking forward to it immensely.

I’ll be speaking at Oredev in Malmo, Sweden on the 8/9/10th of November, where as well as a couple of technical talks, Rob Conery has signed me up for a ‘head to head’ session with Jimmy Bogard, which should be entertaining. Thanks, Rob... :)

Finally, I’ll be rounding out 2016 with a couple of talks at BuildStuff - in Vilnius on Nov 16-18 and then in Kyiv on the 21-22. If you’ve ever been, you’ll know that BuildStuff is an excellent conference with great people and great content – and if you haven’t, get yourself a ticket, come along and see for yourself.