Join us at the Progressive.NET Tutorials 2016!

Next week sees the return of the Progressive.NET Tutorials at SkillsMatter here in London.

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Progressive.NET is a unique event. It goes beyond the high-level slides & code demos of most conferences, and offers a series of hands-on, in-depth workshops with some of the best speakers and experts in the .NET world. This year we’ve got a great lineup of speakers and workshops. On Wednesday, Glenn Block will be showing you how to run C# outside your IDE using ScriptCS, Ian Cooper will be demonstrating high-availability patterns for distributed systems, Toby Henderson will be showing you how to get up and running with .NET Core, and I’ll be running a new workshop about asynchronous programming patterns, async/await and how you can use them to deliver more responsive apps.

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Thursday, we’ve got Ashic Mahtab showing you how to process millions of messages a second using Apache Kafka, we’ve got Mark Gray talking about machine learning in F#. After lunch Ben Hall will be showing you how to get up and running with .NET and Docker, and Phil Trelford will be building a compiler with F#, starting with an abstract syntax tree and a parser, and ending up with a compiler that generates .NET IL code or JavaScript. Thursday wraps up with the Progressive.NET Party – food, drinks, and a chance to hang out with the Progressive.NET speakers and developers in the Space Bar at SkillsMatter’s amazing CodeNode building.

On Friday, we round out the event with a day of talks from some of the best speakers in .NET

  • Rachel Reese on event-driven microservices
  • Charalampos Karypidis on isomorphic JavaScript applications and .NEt
  • Sebastien Lambla on API versioning (and why it’s evil)
  • Rajpal Singh Wilkhu on OpenID Connect and Identity Server
  • David Whitney on metaprogramming
  • Harry Cummings on Node.js for .NET developers
  • Barbara Fusinska talking about predicting the future with Azure machine learning
  • Sam Elamin talking about metrics-driven development
  • Liam Westley on App 2.0 and why the web lost
  • Evelina Gabasova on how to spice up your website with machine learning


Progressive.NET has been running since 2009. It’s an excellent event, and it’s also a great way to keep up to date with everything that’s new in the .NET world. If you’ve been hearing about things like .NET Core, Docker, Identity Server, async and await, machine learning – and you’re not quite sure what they are or how they apply to you – come along to Progressive.NET. By the end of the week, you’ll have a head full of new ideas, a laptop full of working code you can refer back to, and a load of new friends who can help out when you get stuck.

The event is next week, 22-24th June, at the SkillsMatter CodeNode here in London. Tickets are normally £875+VAT, but you can use the code SPECIAL_LDNUG_PROGNET to get 40% off - £525 instead of £875 – so what are you waiting for? Get your ticket now and we’ll see you there!