Coming Soon To A City Near You…

Following on from "The Rest of REST" talk that I've given at several conferences over the last year, I'll be talking about real-world REST at several user groups over the next few months. In this talk, I'll be exploring some REST architectural patterns in more depth, and doing some hands-on demos showing how you can implement these patterns in your own applications.

For this demo, I'll be using NancyFX and the HAL+JSON hypermedia language – there's a beautiful synergy between the dynamic type model in C#, the dynamic model used in NancyFX and the way HAL exploits the dynamic features of JavaScript to extend JSON into a powerful hypermedia format, and I'll be showing how you can wire all these bits together to build flexible, RESTful HTTP APIs.

May 9th I'll be at Smart Devs User Group in Hereford.

May 18th I'll be at The Dev Bakery in Altrincham.

May 26th, I'll be at the Copenhagen .NET User Group in Denmark – and many thanks to the team over at Siteimprove for hosting and sponsoring the event.

Web Governance Tools | Siteimprove

As always - if your user group would be interested in a session on this or one of my of other talks, get in touch!

I'll also be appearing at these conferences throughout 2016:

8/9/10 June I’ll be at NDC { Oslo } in Norway, and I’ll be sticking around for PubConf at NDC { Oslo } on 11th June – the PubConf event in London here in January was an absolute blast, so if you’re going to be in Oslo for NDC, book yourself a hotel for the weekend, see some of the city, and come to PubConf.

22-24 June I’ll be at the Progressive.NET Tutorials at SkillsMatter here in London, running a deep-dive hands-on workshop which will probably be on async/await and asynchronous programming in C# – watch this space for further announcements as we finalise the programme.

8-9 July I’ll be at BuildStuff Odessa – following the successful and hugely enjoyable BuildStuff conference in Kyiv last year, I’m really excited to be going back to Ukraine for a weekend of code, games and sunshine by the sea.

13-15 July I’ll be at FullStack 2016 in London, the conference on “JavaScript, NodeJS and the Internet of Things” – I’ve been helping the team at SkillsMatter finalise the programme for this one, we’ve got some absolutely excellent speakers and sessions lined up, and it promises to be a great event.

3/4/5 August I’m going to be at NDC { Sydney }, joining an amazing programme of speakers to bring the NDC experience to the southern hemisphere.

See you on the road!

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