Moleskine + Kindle = ... Moleskindle?

Faced with the harrowing prospect of trying to fit the entire Song of Ice and Fire into hand luggage on my next holiday, I bought a Kindle. It's quite magic. It won't switch off, it doesn't light up, it looks utterly fake - like some sort of plastic prop tablet device where they've used a printed cardboard screen... and it's absolutely lovely. My paperback books tend to end up rather battered from being slung around in bags all the time, and I wanted a case to keep the Kindle safe from knocks and scratches. Rather than spend money on one of the ridiculously overpriced cases you can get for it, I wanted to try something a bit different. You remember reading spy books as a kid where people would hide stuff inside hollowed-out books?

I found an old Moleskine notebook that was just the right size for it, and started hacking away - a couple of happy hours playing with craft-knives and glue, and here it is: the Moleskindle

IMG_8804 IMG_8810 
IMG_8815 IMG_8814

It's a bit fiddly - and messy - getting the cutouts just the right shape; I found wood glue worked just fine - and once it's dried, the compacted glued paper is quite easy to carve & trim using a sharp craft knife. I cut a notch in the right-hand side so I can reach the page-turn buttons whilst it's in the case, but you need to pop it out to reach the power button or recharge it. Still, I think it looks pretty cool, it'll stop the Kindle getting knocked and scratched, and you can fool people on the Tube into thinking you're reading something incredibly intellectual that's been hand-written in a Moleskine notebook when you're secretly reading rock star autobiographies.