Notes from the KaboomJS! LonDev Hack-Day

A couple of weeks back, I had this crazy idea to build Bomberman, in Javascript, in a day. I floated the idea on Twitter and got a pretty enthusiastic response, and so I set up the first LonDev hack day. 12 people, in a room, for one day, working together to build and ship a working game.

Did we do it? You'll have to read all about it on the new LonDev wiki, but personally, I'm really pleased at how it went, and really  excited at the idea of organising the next one.

What's really encouraging is the mix of people and expertise who contributed. We had a couple of .NET coders, some Ruby/Rails guys, some JS web hackers who'd not done node/socket stuff before, and @palfrey who, as far as I can tell, spends his days switching between Erlang and PHP to stop himself getting bored.

A fun day. Some really solid code. Some really interesting lessons learned. And there's a couple of us hanging out in #kaboomjs on Freenode over the next few days to get it finished off and up and running.