Want to work for Spotlight?

Spotlight are hiring! We're looking for someone to join our software team full-time, in a senior development position. An experienced scrum master, who knows how to work with business and technical people to make things happen. Somebody who understands how to create great software. From database optimization to SOLID principles to TDD to user experience and accessibility, you understand what makes software great - great to use, great to maintain, great to extend.

We’re at a turning point. Five years ago, we were an award-winning publishing company who maintained our own website. Five years from now, we’re going to be a software company who publish award-winning directories. It’s a great place to work, and it’s a really exciting time to be here. It’s full-time, permanent job, working at our office just off Leicester Square. We’re upstairs from the Prince Charles Cinema – London home of Sing-along-a-Sound-of-Music and The Room – and surrounded by excellent bars, restaurants and theatres.

If you understand 90% of the postings on my blog, you’re probably in the right ball-park in terms of technology – but if you want buzzwords, it’s C#, .NET, agile, scrum, MVC, Castle Windsor, NHibernate, NServiceBus, jQuery, IIS, SQL Server, NUnit, SOA, TeamCity, FinalBuilder, msdeploy, and various other bits that are occasionally referred to as the “alt net stack”.

Interested? Read the full job spec, and details of how to apply, at www.spotlight.com/jobs/developer.html

NO AGENCIES. Seriously. If we want to deal with agencies, we’ll call you. If you call me, I will put my phone handset in a drawer, close the drawer, and let you talk to my stationery while I wander off and make some coffee. If you’re lucky, it’ll only waste 90 seconds of your time. If you’re unlucky, your phone system still uses analogue-switched PSTN and you’ll find you can’t hang up. It’s hard to earn commission when you can’t use your phone, and you’d be surprised how long it takes to make a really good cup of coffee.