Slides and Notes from “So You Think You Know JavaScript”

imageThe slides, notes and references from my JavaScript talk are now online, at

A huge thanks to everyone who came along, to Ian Cooper and the LDNUG User Group for organising, and to SkillsMatter for the venue, the projector, the publicity, the video and the ginger tea. A full video of the talk is also available on the SkillsMatter website – and you’ll be pleased to hear that their awesome new video processing rig means you can now see my grinning face AND read the code samples on the slides.

The NodeJS demo code is open source and is online at – fork it, pull it, do whatever you like with it. No warranties as to whether it’s any good or not… but it’s there and it works.

A couple of people asked afterwards about running Node on Windows, as I was doing in the demos. I was using a compiled binary from, which worked absolutely fine for little demo apps with 5-6 concurrent client connections. I've no idea how it scales, but the general consensus seems to be that you should stick to Linux / MacOS for hosting any significant Node applications.