Git Logos and Icons

imageI’ve recently started working on a couple of projects that are hosted on Github, most notably the Kurejito payment gateway project for which I’m a member of the core team on an OS project for the first time (yeah, scary…)

Git is pretty cool. A bit of a learning curve but I suspect once I get the hang of frequent commits and local branching and work out how stop shooting myself in the foot it’s going to be quite hard going back to Subversion.

Thing is, I really don’t like the Git icon and logo that are shipping with Mingw32 Git for Windows. I mean, I really don’t like them. I don’t like them so much that every time I fire up git bash, I get completely distracted by how much I don’t like them and end up wanting to redesign them instead of doing whatever it was I was supposed to be doing… so I did.

This started out as me just wanting a decent Windows icon for the link to Git Bash in my Start menu, I got a bit carried away, and ended up with this. And since Git appears to use a collaboratively-edited Wiki page as the closest thing it has to brand and logo guidelines, if you want to use any of these logos or icons for your Git-related shortcuts, projects or pages, go ahead. I’m not going to stop you, and I suspect they won’t, either.

If you’re interested, they’re released under a Creative Commons Sharealike Attribution License – and there’s downloads (including Windows and Mac icon formats) and original artwork files at

Direct download links:

or grab the whole package as