Five Things I Wish My iPhone Did

Wake Me Up When I Get To Bristol

For falling asleep on the train – or on the last bus home – this would be a killer feature; an alarm that goes off when you get within 1km of your destination, waking you up so you don’t miss your stop. For bonus points, it could calculate your average speed and last known distance from your destination, so if you've lost GPS signal, it’ll wake you up early just to be on the safe side.

Geographical Task Reminders

Every night I get home and realize that I’ve left my headphones in my desk drawer at work – again. It’d be cool to set a reminder so that next time I’m at work, it’ll remind me to put my headphones in my bag so I don’t forget them.

Charging Reminders Based On Wi-Fi Signals

I sometimes forget to charge my phone at work, and since it won’t last a full day & night without a top-up, this means it dies sometime during the evening, leaving me out & about with no music, no movies, no Twitter, no e-mail – oh, yeah, and no phone.

If my phone’s connected to my office wi-fi network, then I’m at work – so if I haven’t plugged it in to charge after 10-15 minutes, it should beep at me “hey, I know you’re at work – plug me in!”

Don’t Ask for a Unlock Code When On A Known Wi-Fi Network

Just like above – if my phone’s on my office or my home wi-fi network, then it’s hopefully not been stolen, and it’s probably safe to use it without entering the unlock code first.

Make Phone Calls and Send Text Messages Reliably

I know… wishful thinking. The iPhone is a lovely internet gadget, music player, movie player, sat-nav and all-round geek toy. But for actually communicating with other people, I still carry a battered old Nokia. It makes calls, it sends texts, and the battery lasts well over a week.