I love this photograph.

We have an olive tree growing in a huge pot in our garden, which ended up horribly waterlogged and looking rather unhappy, so this afternoon I set about the back-breaking task of digging it out, emptying the (disgusting) waterlogged soil from the bottom of the pot, and generally sorting the whole thing out.

Turns out you get quite a lot of earthworms in 500 litres of waterlogged soil - and whether he was attracted by the worms, or just curious, this little robin showed up in the garden. I ran inside to grab a camera, hoping he'd still be there when I got back - and he was. He stayed around for most of the afternoon, perching on the tree, the washing line, the shovel, chasing spiders around - at one point he was sitting literally two feet away from me, and actually started singing. It was absolutely mesmerising.

The photo is complete luck; he was hopping around so much I didn't have time to frame or set up a shot, so I just snapped him whenever he stopped for a moment. I was thrilled that this one came out so well.