Offsite Backup Recommendations for Really, Really Big Files?

Old media 2 by john_a_ward. via Flickr.

When I’m not coding and being all nerdy, I play guitar and mess around with digital audio recording. Uncompressed digital audio is stored in the same format as old-fashioned audio CDs – 74 mins of raw audio takes up 740Mb or thereabouts. This means that a good afternoon’s recording can easily create 2-3Gb of files – and they’re not like MP3s or movies that are easy enough to replace; these are often the only copy in the world of that one killer solo or that bass riff that I’ve been practising for weeks and just happened to nail it this afternoon.

Stuff like Carbonite or Mozy is all well and good for documents and holiday snaps, but given I have consumer ADSL (512Kb upstream), is there even any point thinking about offsite backup for my audio projects, or am I better off just copying stuff to a USB hard drive and maybe taking a drive into work every couple of months? What do people do with video / post-processing stuff? What’s your backup strategy when the actual work you’re doing is creating gigabytes of files on a daily basis?

[photo from john_a_ward via flickr – thanks for sharing, John.]