Just One More Reason to Love Red Gate Software

Red Gate make really great software – if you work with SQL Server or .NET and haven’t checked out Red Gate’s offerings, I highly recommend them.  They also sponsor the UK Alt.Net conferences, they’re frequently voted one of the top ten workplaces in the UK – and I just stumbled across this, on the 11th page of their (legally binding) license agreements:

The following Beerware is licensed on a free basis:*

DTS Package Compare
SQL Log Rescue

* subject to a non-binding obligation on the Licensee (or their representative) to buy a beer for
a representative of the Licensor at any trade conference at which the Licensee (or their
representative) and the Licensor's representative are both present, provided, however, that
the Licensee (or their representative) should not attempt to purchase a beer where to do so
would be unlawful in the relevant jurisdiction.

Even their lawyers are awesome. I love Red Gate.