Updated VS2008 / Castle / NHibernate solution bundle

image I've just uploaded a new version of my quick'n'dirty VS2008 solution, which now includes the log4net and Iesi.Collections projects (these were formerly being referenced from Program Files\Castle Project\ and so wouldn't build on a box without Castle installed).  The whole thing is now completely self-referential, so it should build & run without any dependencies other than the .NET framework itself, and everything's done using relative project references so you should be able to get step-debugging right down to the SQL command calls. But it's late and I haven't tried that yet.

As I've said before, this is aimed at getting something up and running with the Castle ActiveRecord stack as easily as possible, so I can play with it and see what it does.

Having seen Ayende's post about building Rhino-Tools from the various libraries' SVN trunks, I'm now convinced there might be a way of using SVN externals and NAnt to create a single project that automatically builds against latest trunk revisions of the various libraries - I guess this is one of those areas where only experience will tell you whether you're better off running against nightly trunk commits or just picking a stable revision and building against that, but I'm sure it'll be educational finding out.

You can get the ZIP here if you're interested. Again, I must restate that I didn't write any of this; log4net is distributed by Apache, NHibernate is from www.nhibernate.org,  Castle is from www.castleproject.org, and all I've done is package them together for convenience.