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Author: Dylan Beattie <imagemagick [at] dylanbeattie [dot] net>

This page is a collection of binaries, scripts, how-tos, documents and other assorted bits which I've made, found or written during my adventures with ImageMagick. All material found here is distributed under the same terms as the ImageMagick license agreement.


NOTE: As of ImageMagick 5.4.8, the official ImageMagick windows installer includes PerlMagick for ActivePerl. Hence I will no longer be providing new binaries of PerlMagick from this site. The official distribution is available from http://www.imagemagick.org/www/windows.html

Documentation and Tutorials

Contact Information

Feel free to email me if:

Everything else related to PerlMagick/ImageMagick should be directed to the ImageMagick Mailing Lists! If I can help, you're far more likely to get an answer if you post to the list (which I read several times a day) than if you email me off-list. I'm not an ImageMagick guru, I'm just a guy who uses PerlMagick on Windows 2000 servers and is happy to contribute my findings back to the community. Emailing me off-list with questions I can't answer wastes your time ('cos you won't get an answer), wastes my time ('cos I have to read it) and doesn't contribute anything to the ImageMagick community, which is the main reason I do any of this in the first place. I don't have the expertise, time or resource to help everyone with an ImageMagick problem and an email account, and I'd rather stick to what I know and leave the rest to the real experts.


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